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Do you, your family or groups to which you belong find that you repeat the same patterns without knowing why? Do you repeat the same pattern, know why, but find it difficult to achieve the results you want anyway? Believe it or not, that is very common. The good news, however, is that you can change any pattern you choose.

If you and your family already have the life you desire, congratulations. If not, perhaps these real-life examples will provide insights that may help you. Often times seeing how others have worked through their issues not only helps you feel that you’re not alone, but can also provide a morphing-off point to spark your own gifts.

Here are some examples offered to inspire you:

One teen with whom I had the pleasure of working was failing English.  Through the coaching process we found he had been told by an older student whom he respected that English changes every year and you never use it anyway.  Given the workload of this straight A high-achieving student, he felt English was not a priority.  Once this belief was discovered, we worked on reframing his “why” about applying his energy to that subject.

The Mom of a young sensitive child who could not sleep came to me for help.  She and her husband did not have the same views about the child’s sensitivity so there was a struggle in the home about how the child should “be” and be treated.  I recommended that the Mom take her child to pick out some music with the intention of playing that music before bed and all night long if that felt soothing to the child.  It was essential that the child choose the music.  A few other specific protocols were suggested as well.  The very pleased Mom contacted me some time later to let me know her child picked a classical piece of music, played it all night long and had begun to sleep through the night.

A Mom brought her child to me to help with the child’s fear of leaving their home.  Using a combination of coaching and my intuitive gifts, I discovered the reason why.  With coaching and behavior modification tools, this child reframed some limiting beliefs.  In a private conversation afterward, I shared what I had learned psychically with the Mom as to the reason why the child was afraid to leave their home.

A Dad with whom I met was no longer living with his wife and child.  The little boy was having trouble in school.  Mom wanted to place the child on drugs, but Dad wanted natural solutions.  This can be a difficult situation when both parents are not on the same page.  Given that the child lived with Mom, she felt pressure to find a quick solution to make the school happy and have her child fit in.

There are many more examples of women and Mom’s that I could list as well. However, my goal here it to accommodate your need to help yourself and your family no matter what your budget. If you can gain insights from my articles and previous work that inspire your own intuitive gifts, I am pleased to share. If you feel you, your family or a group would benefit from additional help from me, I am currently taking on new clients.

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We are each body, mind and spirit beings.  If we continue to view and treat each part as separate, we may never achieve a solution for the whole person.

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